Michael Rozell - Hand Crafted Glass

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The artwork received may vary slightly from the samples that were the basis for an order. Minute differences in color, shape, pattern, and size are a result of the artwork being custom created, and are to be expected. No two pieces of hand blown glass will ever be identical. Similarly, the finished artwork may contain minor imperfections such as air bubbles. These are a result of how the glass is melted in the furnace and other factors over which the artist does not have control.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the custom artwork you receive,Swiss Replica Watches you may return the artwork for a substantial refund. Upon confirmed receipt of the returned goods, the artist will refund the full purchase price of the artwork less 15%. This 15% is withheld to recover costs the artist will have incurred while creating your order. In the event of an exchange, the 15% will be refunded when the new order is accepted by the purchaser. No amount will be refunded for artwork that has not been received back by the artist. Any expenses incurred in the shipment of returned artwork are the responsibility of the purchaser.